Volunteer for Carilion Clinic's Super Smile Savers Day

Feb 7, 2024

The Super Smile Savers Saturday community health event will focus on pediatric oral health and prevention in an interactive, carnival-like environment. The event will take place on Saturday, February 24, 24 from 8-1 PM and will include face painting, educational booths, and more! Children between the ages of 6 and 16 are invited to attend. 

Children must be accompanied by a parent for the entire appointment. Children with complex medical history, allergy to silver, or non-compliant children will not be eligible for the event. Children will be screened in triage and given a general consult - if they do not meet eligibility criteria (included on the attached flyer), they can have fluoride, and then we will give them the resource list that we generally provide to patients with all pediatric and pediatric friendly facilities in the community. 
If children do meet eligibility criteria, we will place sealants/SDF/fluoride varnish depending on what providers deem necessary. We are not providing other services during this event (x-rays, extractions, etc). Interpreter services will also be available. 
Patients are required to sign-up using the QR code, which will link them to our website or can go to:
Lastly, this is a volunteer-led event. We would appreciate it if you're interested in volunteering. We'll be using all the operatories at the Carilion Dental clinic. There are a total of 22 rooms for placing sealants/SDF/fluoride, and 4 for triage. We'll need volunteers for both triage & SDF/sealant placement - volunteer spots are in two-hour blocks, but if you're open to staying the entire day (8-1) that's great too! I also encourage you to share this with your assistants and allow them to volunteer as assistants. 
We will share another email regarding materials and logistics. We will have a meeting at the Carilion Clinic Tanglewood for a meet and greet of the volunteers and a short calibration presentation for the sealants and SDF application. 
If you have staff other than assistants who would like to volunteer as well, please contact Britnee Daniel at, as she has separate forms for staff volunteers. 
Click bellow to schedule a time that would suit you best: